Palestinians have a right to dignity & freedom. Respect their humanity.
Shareef Sarhan/UNRWA Archives
When I was awoken by a call from our Gaza director at 6:20 in the morning on July 30, it was...
02 October 2014
Shareef Sarhan/UNRWA Archives
18 UNRWA school buildings continue to serve as Collective Centres for approximately 54,510...
02 October 2014
is a student voice project which gives young people a say in their education and future.
The Crisis of Palestine Refugees in Syria
Of the total 540,000 Palestine refugees in Syria, almost all require assistance.
Gaza Emergency
The situation in the Gaza Strip remains devastating and unpredictable.

we provide assistance and protection for
some 5 million palestine refugees



Baian Abassi/UNRWA Archives
30 September 2014
UNRWA Prioritizes the Safety and Security of Staff and Communities in Gaza
23 September 2014
UNRWA Urges Donor Community to Take Firm Stand Against Mass Forcible Transfer of Palestinian Bedouins
21 September 2014
Abdul Nasser Al Saadi/UNRWA Archives
19 September 2014
Statement of the Commissioner-General on the opening of the school year in Gaza
14 September 2014

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As a "child of UNRWA," Mohammed Assaf...
On 20 July 2014, Fatma A. Rahim Abu...
Houriyeh Ahmad al-Seid , 50, a senior...
UNRWA strongly urges all parties to act...
UNRWA has over 30,000 employees, most...

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