• Gaza, July 2014. © 2014 UNRWA Photo by Shareef Sarhan


    Over 50 days of hostilities, the summer 2014 conflict caused unparalleled destruction and human suffering across the Gaza Strip. Voices of displaced mothers, frightened children, frustrated fathers, and brave UNRWA staff members give a sense of Gaza described in the words of its people.
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  • #SOS4Gaza


    Every child has dreams for their future. Even in Gaza. Let’s help them now. This message cannot wait.
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  • UNRWA: For Palestine refugees

    Palestine refugees began their long journey in 1948. Since the Arab-Israeli conflict, they have endured multiple displacements, repeated violence, occupation and blockade. Through these hardships, UNRWA has been there to provide critical education, health care, microfinance, relief and social services, and emergency assistance.Read more

  • On 11 to 12 April, UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl undertook an emergency mission to Syria. During his visit, Mr. Krähenbühl heard the personal stories of the civilians displaced from Yarmouk. Tiny Jihad Ya'qoub was born on 30 March 2015; he and his mother have received a baby kit and other essential household items from UNRWA. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Taghrid Mohammad

    UNRWA seeks US$ 30 million for humanitarian response to Yarmouk

    UNRWA is seeking an immediate injection of US$ 30 million to provide life-sustaining assistance to the 18,000 civilians from Yarmouk, including 3,500 children, and those affected by conflict and displacement in other areas, during an initial 90 day rapid response.Read more
  • Gaza Emergency

    Gaza Emergency

    The situation in the Gaza Strip remains devastating and unpredictable.
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we provide assistance and protection for
some 5 million palestine refugees



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I believe in human rights for Palestinians.
I believe all humans are entitled to life, peace and opportunity.
I believe in justice and peace for all.
Being safe, having food and having shelter should be a basic human right.
I believe that every human deserves to live and have a better life.
Its work reflects the continued responsibility of the international community to the Palestinians.
The situation of Palestine refugees breaks my heart.

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