First-place winner photo by Niraz Saied, Yarmuok camp, Syria.
A timeless photograph capturing the anguish of children affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria...
26 November 2014
Our photo & film archive for Palestine refugees

Our photo & film archive for Palestine refugees

More than 430,000 negatives, 10,000 prints, 85,000 slides, 75 films and 730 videocassettes
Regional Study: Palestinian Refugee Students Attending UN Schools Achieve Above-Average Results on International Assessments

UNRWA students achieve above-average results on international assessments

According to a new report by the World Bank Group, Palestine refugee students attending UNRWA...
13 November 2014


A student voice project that gives young people a say in their education and future.
Gaza Emergency

Gaza Emergency

The situation in the Gaza Strip remains devastating and unpredictable.
The Crisis of Palestine Refugees in Syria

The Crisis of Palestine Refugees in Syria

Of the total 540,000 Palestine refugees in Syria, almost all require assistance.

we provide assistance and protection for
some 5 million palestine refugees


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UNRWA because
I believe in human rights for Palestinians.
Because I believe all humans are entitled to life, peace and opportunity.
I believe in justice and peace for all.

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