Recruitment status

Overview of closed vacancies during the last six months:

Vacancy No.  Title Grade Deadline Status
14-FO-SA-43(Re-advertised) Head Field Legal Office P-4 19/8/2014 Receiving applications
14-FO-GA-42 Head, Donor Relations and Projects Support Office P-4 6/8/2014 Receiving applications
14-HQ-AM-41 Senior Programme Officer P-4 3/8/2014 Under Review
14-FO-LB-40 (Re-advertised) Head Field Finance Office P-4 25/7/2014 Cancelled
14-FO-JO-39 (internal only)
(2 posts)
Operations Support Officer P-2/P-3 9/7/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-JR-38 Director, External Relations and Communications D-2 6/8/2014 Receiving applications
14-HQ-AM-37 (Re-advertised) Senior Fundraising Executive D-1 6/8/2014 Receiving applications
14-FO-JO-36 Protection Officer P-3 22/7/2014 Under Review
14-FO-JO-35 Team Leader, Operations Support Office and Field Protection Coordinator P-4 22/7/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-AM-34 Senior Investigator P-4 16/7/2014 Under Review
14-FO-SA-33 Head Field Procurement and Logistics Office P-4 15/7/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-JR-32 Legal Officer (Contracts) P-4 15/7/2014 Under Review
14-FO-SA-31 Area Support Officer P-3 9/7/2014 Under Review
14-FO-GA-30 Head Field Finance Office P-4 1/7/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-AM-29 (Re-advertised) Chief, Compensation and Management Services Division P-5 3/8/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-AM-28 Senior Education Programme Specialist P-4 25/6/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-AM-27 Deputy Director of Education P-5 11/6/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-JR-26 Director of Legal Affairs D-1 21/6/2014 Under Review
14-FO-JO-25 Head Field Human Resources Office P-4 17/6/2014 Under Review
Head, Field Legal Office P-4 21/5/2014 Re-advertised
14-HQ-AM-23 Head, Procurement Analysis and Development Section  P-4 21/5/2014 Under Review
Head of Tartous Office  P-4 10/5/2014 Under Review
Senior Humanitarian Response Officer  P-4 10/5/2014 Under Review
14-FO-GA-20 Deputy Director of UNRWA Operations (Organizational Support) P-5 30/4/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-JR-19 Chief Donor Relations Division P-5 23/4/2014 Filled
14-HQ-AM-18 Senior Fundraising Executive D-1 6/4/2014 Re-advertised
14-HQ-AM-17 Chief of Staff D-1/D-2 1/4/2014 Filled
14-HQ-AM-16 Investigations Officer P-3 28/3/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-JR-15 Investigations Officer P-3 28/3/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-AM-14 Curriculum Specialist    P-3 28/3/2014 Filled
14-HQ-AM-13 Senior Budget Management Officer  P-4 15/3/2014 Filled
14-HQ-AM-12 Director of Relief and Social Services D-1 26/3/2014 Filled
14-FO-SA-11 Programme Support Officer P-3 20/3/2014 Under Review
14-HQ-AM-10 Project Manager – Educate A Child P-3 18/3/2014 Filled
14-HQ-AM-9 Chief Procurement and Logistics Division P-5 12/3/2014 Filled
14-FO-GA-7 Team Leader, Operations Support Office and Field Protection Coordinator P-4 4/3/2014 Filled
14-FO-JO-04 Head Field Legal Office, Jordan P-4 19/2/2014 Filled
14-HQ-AM-01 Human Resources Policy & Legal Officer P-3 25/1/2014 Filled
13-FO-JO-51 Head, Field Procurement and Logistics Office P-4 9/12/2013 Filled
13-HQ-AM-50 Head, Contractual Procurement Section P-4 5/12/2013 Filled
(4 posts)
Area Support Officer P-3 2/12/2013 Filled
13-FO-SA-46 Senior Area Support Officer P-4 2/12/2013 Under Review
13-HQ-AM-43 Evaluation Officer P-4 19/10/2013 Under Review