Yarmouk Camp Emergency

Yarmouk Camp Emergency

18,000 Palestine refugees in Yarmouk are under siege. Since January 18, we have managed to deliver 6,528 food parcels, 10,000 polio vaccines and a range of other medical supplies to civilians inside the camp. However, we enjoy partial humanitarian access and so we continue pushing for safe, substantial and continuous humanitarian access. When you donate, you feed, nourish, heal and save. 

provides a stove each for 4 families


provides fuel for a family for a month. 


provides a family with a hygiene kit


feeds a family of 5 for almost two weeks. 


provides clothing for 4 families


provides a family with a mattress


provides a family with a blanket



Donations made directly to UNRWA may be tax deductible in your country of residence. If you are a taxpayer in Italy, Spain or in the United States of America, you may be eligible for tax deductions when giving through the respective UNRWA national committees: Comitato Italiano per l’UNRWA (www.unrwaitalia.org); Comité Nacional UNRWA España (www.unrwace.org); and American Friends of UNRWA (www.unrwausa.org). In all cases, please contact your local tax advisor for guidelines and further advice on tax deductibility options and procedures.