Funding Trends

UNRWA provides regular updates on its financial situation for donors and other interested parties. In this section you will find the latest information on funding requirements and contributions received.

This information allows all our partners to have a snapshot of the financial situation of the organisation at a given time.

Contribution statistical charts

Contributions to UNRWA from all sources analysed and illustrated graphically.
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Key facts and figures

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Funding Requirements 2013

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TOP 20 Government donors in 2013*


Contribution (US$)

United States of America 294,023,401
European Commission 216,386,867
Saudi Arabia 151,566,702
United kingdom 93,737,454
Sweden 54,439,768
Germany 53,016,050
Norway 34,595,162
Japan (including JICA) 28,836,915
Switzerland 23,267,282
Australia 22,445,260
Netherlands 20,049,472
Denmark 18,638,884
Kuwait 17,000,000
France 12,852,039
Italy 10,714,805
Belgium (including Flanders) 10,271,039
Finland 9,073,004
Ireland 7,374,523
Palestine 6,841,219
Turkey 6,475,000

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Top 20 Non-government donors in 2013*


Contribution (US$)

UN Agencies 19,055,743
UAE Red Crescent 18,564,502
Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development 12,000,000
Education Above All Foundation 4,971,750
Saudi Committee 3,262,787
Isalmic Development Bank 2,500,000
Qatar Charity 1,000,000
INA/OPSI, Germany 765,869
Isalmic Relief USA 750,000
Turkish Red Crescent 642,804
Welfare Association 365,000
American Friends of UNRWA  350,802
PKK, Japan 256,236
Qatar Red Crescent Society 250,000
United Palestinian Appral, USA 233,118
Tkiyet Um Ali 196,380
UNRWA Spanish Committee 195,316
ANERA (USA) 185,846
Diakonia/NAD 149,699
Khalifa Bin Zayed Foundation 100,000

*Contribution data is accurate as of 31 December 2013