National Committees

National Committes were formed to support UNRWA’s work in Spain, the United States and Italy. The National Committees help us reach out to the public in these countries, as well as to local authorities and the private sector. They engage with individuals through mailings, social media and special events. For local and regional governments, they prepare proposals tailored to local interest and opportunities based on UNRWA’s programmes and projects. The National Committees are independent non-profit NGOs.

unrwa espana

UNRWA España

UNRWA's largest National Committee was established in 2005 and employs more than 15 people in offices across Spain. UNRWA España's focus lies in local and regional governments, but support from the private sector has more than doubled since 2011. UNRWA España has a creative and diverse approach to attracting individual donors.

Visit UNRWA España's website and/or facebook page

unrwa espana

American Friends of UNRWA

This National Committee was also established in 2005 and employs three people in Washington, DC. It focuses on outreach to individual donors and smaller foundations. Its contributions to UNRWA have more than quadrupled since 2011, thanks to successful fundraising events like the annual 5k run in support of Gaza.

Visit the American Friends of UNRWA website and/or facebook page

unrwa espana

UNRWA Italia

Our youngest National Committee became operational in 2012 and employs three people in Rome. They are building their communications strategy and a network, for now with an emphasis on Italian companies and foundations interested in medicine and education.

Visit UNRWA Italia's website and/or facebook page