Why partner?

By supporting the largest UN agency in the world, your organization will play a vital role in supporting one of the most well-known and respected organizations in the Middle East. Partnership with UNRWA is guaranteed high visibility in a field that is close to the hearts of many people in the region and beyond.

UNRWA offers unique opportunities for partnerships in a wide range of sectors – from education and health, to social services and infrastructure. Every day, UNRWA teaches 491,641 children in 703 schools. Every day, UNRWA treats tens of thousands of patients in 139 health centres and 117 dental clinics. Every day, we provide food to more than 1.2 million food-insecure refugees across the Middle East. Every day, we provide safe housing for over 1.3 million refugees in 58 recognized refugee camps.

UNRWA directly provides these vital services for the well-being, human development and protection of Palestine refugees. We have done so since 1949, in times of calm and in times of conflict. UNRWA schools are standard setting across the region. UNRWA’s health teams are recognised as innovative and dedicated. Through UNRWA, partners reach more than five million registered Palestine refugees in five fields in the heart of the Middle East.