Mohammad Khalaf/UNRWA Archives
24 April 2014
On 1 April, the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) began over two weeks’ of events to honour World Health Day, marked by the international community every 7 April since 1950. In Syria, more than 600 Palestine refugees displaced by the ongoing conflict attended 27 health-education sessions in schools, health centres...
New Schools in Gaza
23 April 2014
Gaza For many of the more than 230,000 Palestine refugee kids attending UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) schools in Gaza, even getting to the classroom can be a challenge. If schools are located too far away, kids may have to walk long distances; along the way, they confront traffic, road accidents, severe weather...
John McLaughlin Sings for Palestine Refugees
18 April 2014
Two years after his first visit to the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), world-renowned guitarist John McLaughlin has returned, partnering with the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and Al Mada Association for Arts Based Community Development to raise funds for their programmes for music therapy and health...
What Was Lost
14 April 2014
With deep sadness and despair, Amal tells us that she is a teacher of the Arabic language; she’s not used to begging and asking for help. But given her current circumstances, she is ready to work in any field, even cleaning houses so that she and her daughter can live in dignity. That’s been a challenge ever since she...
The Abu Ruww family home before UNRWA rehabilitation
11 April 2014
For over 12 years, Fahmi Salameh Abu Ruwwa, a Palestine refugee living in Tulkarm, watched helplessly as his family’s life deteriorated.