BMU | Fast facts

05 March 2012

Basic terms, data, and figures regarding the Barrier, its impacts, and our work. To gain a deeper understanding of the Barrier and its effects on Palestinian communities in the West Bank, see our resources and publications.

Basic data

Basic facts and figures about the Barrier. Find the Barrier’s route, a timeline of Barrier construction, and data about its impact on Palestinian communities.


Find a cache of quick profiles about some of the geographical areas and Barrier impacts the BMU documents. Also peruse our Google Earth tours, showcasing this data with short summaries and figures about these communities, accompanied by pictures.



Find resources related to the Barrier and Palestine refugees from the Barrier Monitoring Unit (BMU) and our partner organisations.



A quick reference for terms and definitions the BMU uses.



Take a look at our partners’ profiles and our co-operative monitoring work.


Learn more about our recent and upcoming events.