BMU | How we work

05 March 2012

From starting a project with partners to running a joint study, we harmonise all work processes through joint trainings and co-ordinated fieldwork.


A logframe (logical framework) is a managerial tool to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate projects, and it provides the backbone of the BMU’s objectives and outputs. Our logframe helps to organise and integrate our work while keeping project partners and donors informed.


Find out how the BMU assists local organisations through methodological approaches to carry out complex and intricate studies with limited resources. Also see how our work and partnership model creates a knowledge base and facilitates the establishment of a community of practice.

Research methodology

See how research methodologies and our partnership model develop co-operative joint research projects.


Creating a Datahub system, which centralises the BMU‘s projects, data and administrative files, will be a key instrument for eventual handover to local partners. Find out how our Datahub helps to coordinate our work, serves our partners accessing data, and acts as a management tool.