Filing an application with the Tribunal

22 November 2011

An application form is available for use in filing your appeal:

If you choose not to use this form, your application must comply with the requirements of article 4 of the UNRWA Dispute Tribunal Rules of Procedure and it must include:

  1. Your full name, date of birth and nationality
  2. Your employment status (department, office section) or relationship to the staff member, if you are relying on his or her rights
  3. The name of your legal representative (attach authorisation)
  4. The physical and electronic address for service of documents
  5. Date and place of contested decision (attach authorisation)
  6. The action and the remedies sought
  7. Any supporting documentation (annexed and numbered)

If your application does not meet these requirements, the registrar may set a time limit for you to comply with them.