09 October 2012


    Maher Mohammad al-Kahtib, 52, a maintenance technician at the Damascus Training Centre, and his son, a medical student, were killed in their home in Yarmouk on 6 September. Maher‘s home, located on al-Janoueh Street (close to Palestine Street) was hit by shells. A graduate of the automotive mechanics course at the Damascus Training Centre in 1978, Maher began his career with UNRWA as a trade instructor, auto mechanics, in 1985.

Maher will be remembered for how generously he offered his time and talents to the efficient operation of the Damascus Training Centre. His colleagues recall that whenever a maintenance problem arose, he always moved quickly to address it regardless of the weather and even if it meant coming to the Centre on weekends. He was highly respected among his colleagues for his commitment to work, his unfailing dedication and devotion in the discharge of his duties, and his deep sense of responsibility. He will be affectionately remembered and deeply missed by his loved ones and the many friends he won over the years, within and outside of UNRWA.

Maher is survived by his wife Hanadi and his three children: Mohammad, Malek, and Abeer.