14 June 2011

Children using One Laptop Per Child computersUNRWA has alliances with a wide spectrum of partners, including international NGOs, local NGOs, sister UN agencies, academic institutions and the private sector.

One of the Agency’s key priorities is to reach out to potential partners to explore cooperation on delivery of services and protection to refugees, raise funds, and share knowledge relevant to the Agency’s programmes.


  • Support the most significant and experienced UN agency in the Middle East in providing education for more than 480,000 school children and offering health care to almost 5 million refugees.
  • Engage with a highly professional UN agency, which believes that cooperation with the private sector, non-governmental organisations and academia is necessary for creating the optimal framework for serving the needs of Palestine refugees.
  • Put into effect your company or organisation’s support for UN values and commitment to protection of refugees.

How do partners contribute to UNRWA’s work?

UNRWA’s partners contribute technical knowledge and financial support, or provide access to logistic networks and extensive communication channels. All partnership contributions are tailored based on the partner organisation’s preferences and core competencies.

How does UNRWA select its partners?

All UNRWA partners must meet the Agency’s due diligence criteria. Prior to any agreement, potential partners are screened in a vetting process, ensuring that partners meet UN and UNRWA ethical standards.


Valérie Rousselin
Partnerships Officer
Tel: +972 2 589 0290