Syria staff remembrance

08 October 2012



In the afternoon of 14 March, Nasri Khalil Hasan, 52, a mathematics teacher at UNRWA Beer Sheeba School in Khan Eshieh Camp, Damascus died from injuries sustained during shelling of the camp on 13 March.

    Dr. Rehab Awadallah, 45, a teacher in Qaboun, northeast Damascus, and her niece lost their lives as they were walking down Al-Quds Street in Yarmouk refugee camp on 4 November.    
    Abdul Aziz Mahmoud Hamouiyeh, 39, a teacher at Haifa school, Mazzeh in Damascus, was killed in al-Qa’a in al-Midan Damascus on 31 July.    
    Maher Mohammad al-Kahtib, 52, a maintenance technician at the Damascus Training Centre, and his son, a medical student, were killed in their home in Yarmouk on 6 September.    
    In the early morning of 9 September 2012, Jihad Husein Suleiman, 28, a school attendant at ‘Ara School in Jaramana Camp, was killed while on his way to catch a bus from Yarmouk to his workplace in Jaramana Camp.    
    Early on Friday, 28 September, Hussam Humeidan, 35, a teacher at Qalqilya School in Husseinieh, Damascus, lost his life when he was caught in a crossfire near his home in Seyyida Zeinab as armed clashes erupted around his vehicle.