Bedouin Representative Explains Area C Displacement to President of the European Parliament
14 February 2014
West Bank “Refugees were displaced once in 1967. The Bedouin refugee is being displaced once a year,” according to Abu Khamees, a representative of the Bedouin community of Khan al Ahmar. This cluster of communities, on the eastern periphery of Jerusalem, is in Area C, the 60 per cent of the West Bank that is under...
Yarmouk, the refugee camp that shames the world
11 February 2014
Tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees trapped in a Syrian camp by the war are enduring appalling conditions that ought to concern all of us. Christopher Gunness, spokesman for the UN relief effort, says humanitarian aid must be stepped up The lexicon of man's inhumanity to man has a new word – Yarmouk. The camp,...
A Journey through Hell
10 February 2014
Fourteen-month-old Khaled was about to die. The entirety of his young life had been spent under the shadow of the conflict in Syria, but the greatest threat, in the end, was not the violence itself: Trapped in the besieged refugee camp of Yarmouk, near Damascus, with barely any food and no access to outside assistance...
Young Women Leaders Programme: UNRWA enhances women’s potential in the workforce
07 February 2014
Gaza On 15 January, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) finally managed to celebrate the graduation of 700 students from its Young Women Leaders Programme (YWLP). This winter, a total of 1,421 students graduated from the programme, funded by the Norwegian and Basque governments, but the third ceremony...
Engaging Youth: A Journey to Self-Sufficiency
06 February 2014
Damascus Dark-eyed and vivacious, 23-year-old Samar is the picture of a successful entrepreneur, but behind that picture are all the unhappiness and uncertainty of the conflict that has been devastating Syria for nearly three years. After being forced to flee their home in Yarmouk, Samar and her family came to the UN...