Official Statements

Closing Remarks by Filippo Grandi,  Commissioner-General of UNRWA  at the Advisory Commission Meeting
20 November 2013
I want to underscore again our urgent worry for Syria’s trapped refugee communities, especially in Yarmouk, the challenges posed to Lebanon by the refugee flow, and our concerns about an impending social and economic implosion of Gaza with grave consequences for its population and for the security and stability of the...
Official Statements
Statement by Filippo Grandi, Commissioner-General of UNRWA, at the Opening Session of the Advisory Commission
18 November 2013
UNRWA was created to support refugees in their darkest hour - just after they were forced to leave their homes and land - and it has been with them ever since, trying to wrestle opportunities out of the challenging crises which a people exiled throughout a troubled region has had to face for more than six decades
Official Statements
UNRWA Demands Humanitarian Access to Yarmouk
17 November 2013
UNRWA is increasingly concerned at the continued prevention of access for desperately needed humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians in Yarmouk
Official Statements
UNRWA Commissioner-General Filippo Grandi
07 November 2013
The Palestinian refugee question remains at the heart of the quest for peace in the Middle East. Like refugees from other protracted conflict situations, Palestine refugees continue to be living proof of a conflict unresolved across generations
Official Statements
15 October 2013
Amman, Jordan After Palestine refugees go missing in the Mediterranean Sea, UNRWA draws attention to the acuteness of their plight in Syria. In the last few days, UNRWA received reports of Palestine refugees going missing in capsized boats off the coast of Egypt and Malta. At the same time, escalation in fighting in...
Official Statements