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© 2014 UNRWA Photo by Shareef Sarhan
15 October 2014
For eight years, the population of the Gaza Strip has suffered a severe blockade that has heavily hindered local economic development. Periodic military offensives have further worsened the situation. ‘Protective Edge’, the most recent such offensive, has destroyed many crops and caused an increase in food prices...
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12 October 2014
As evidenced by the Gaza reconstruction conference today in Cairo, Egypt, there is no question that the international community appreciates the significant need of the people of Gaza recovering from the recent conflict. Recognizing this, United States Secretary of State John Kerry announced on September 22 a generous...
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The United Nations calls for resolute action on Gaza
08 October 2014
UNRWA has called for political action to resolve the underlying causes of conflict in Gaza and prevent another round of destruction. Speaking on his first visit to Germany since taking over the position of UNRWA Commissioner-General, Pierre Krähenbühl said, “We have moved beyond the realm of humanitarian action alone...
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Baian Abassi/UNRWA Archives
30 September 2014
UNRWA celebrated the inauguration of Shu’fat Basic Girls School in Shu’fat camp, a project that was funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). Guests at the celebration included UNRWA Director of Operations in the West Bank Felipe Sanchez, Hani Abu Diab from the Islamic Development Bank and the Head of the UNRWA...
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UNRWA Urges Donor Community to Take Firm Stand Against Mass Forcible Transfer of Palestinian Bedouins
21 September 2014
UNRWA today urged the donor community to step up its opposition to the planned transfer of thousands of Bedouins from the central areas of the West Bank to the newly created town of Nweima near Jericho.
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