Procurement notices

The Procurement and Logistics Division's annual purchases are in excess of US$184 million and include procurement of goods, services, and construction contracts.

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Publish date Issuing location Ref. no. Type Title Deadline
27/05/2015 HQA PLD/WB/015/ITB/0001 ITB Supply and Delivery of Fuel to UNRWA Installations in Gaza and UNRWA Field Office-Jerusalem | Annex 1 lot #1 | Annex 1 lot #2| Annex ii | Annex iii | Annex iv | Annex v | Annex vi 25-Jun-2015 11:00
28/05/2015 HQA PLD/CPS/EA/Cash Money Insurance (In transit & Safe)-Gaza/10/2015 RFP Request for Proposal (RFP) for Providing Cash Money Insurance in Transit and safe for Finance Office 18 June, 2015
17/05/2015 HQA PLD/CPS/EOI/2015/001 Expression of Interest Request for Expression of Interest for Printing and Graphic Design Services 27th May 2015
  HQ (A) Preregistration required Invitation to Suppliers Prequalification for the supply of wheat flour, sunflower oil, whole powdered milk, rice, sugar and/or pulses.