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The Procurement and Logistics Division's annual purchases are in excess of US$184 million and include procurement of goods, services, and construction contracts.

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Publish date Issuing location Ref. no. Type Title Deadline
30/09/204 FOL



Group Medical Insurance Policy (GMIP) | submission guidelines | attendance sheet

16th . October . 2014 on or before 12:00 hours Beirut, Lebanon local time

12/09/2014 FOL

N/33G-S.Cont.- 011/2014


Provision of Group Medical Insurance Policy (GMIP) coverage for the UNRWA Locally Employed Staff and their Recognized Dependents in Lebanon

16th .OCT. 2014 / at 12:00 PM Beirut  Local Time

  HQ (A) Preregistration required Invitation to Suppliers Prequalification for the supply of wheat flour, sunflower oil, whole powdered milk, rice, sugar and/or pulses.