Education department newsletter, issue 5

Read in this issue: 

  • Towards transforming teacher’s classroom practice 
  • Curricula to support a systematic and holistic approach 
  • Launching the school leadership programme: leading for the future
  • Supporting youth: a clear commitment to scholarships
  • Looking into the UNRWA classrooms: establishing a baseline of current practices 
  • The e-library system: re-thinking UNRWA’s schools & academic libraries
  • UNRWA endorses inclusive education policy
  • UNRWA’s school health strategy to be rolled out
  • Education in emergencies (eie)
  • UNRWA’s human rights conflict resolution and tolerance programme
  • How school parliaments are promoting human rights, an interview with the members in Jordan
  • GIZ supports UNRWA’s technical and vocational education training programme
  • UNRWA’s participates in Arab-German TVET workshops in Berlin
  • At a glance