Syria Staff Remembrance

Houriyeh Ahmad al-Seid, 50, a senior staff nurse at the UNRWA health centre in Muzeireb, in Dera’a, was killed by shrapnel when an explosive struck near the Agency’s Ein al-Zeitoun School on 18 February.  A certified midwife, she first joined UNRWA in 1988 as a practical nurse in the Qabr Essit health centre.

On 2 December, Suzan Ghazazweh, 57, died when a shell struck her home in the Shamal Al Khatt quarter of Dera'a. A teacher at the UNRWA Abbasyyeh School, Muzeirib, Ms. Ghazazweh joined the Agency in September 2011.

Imad Abdelhafeez, a resident of the Al Mojtahed neighbourhood of central Damascus, telephoned a relative on the afternoon of 7 August 2013 and was not seen or heard from until the following morning, when his remains were identified in the Al Mojtahed Hospital morgue. The body reportedly bore signs of gunshot wounds. Born in 1963, Mr Abdelhafeez joined UNRWA in 1990 and served as a Physical Education Specialist Teacher in the Damascus area since 2001. The facts surrounding his tragic death are yet to be formally verified.

Muhannad Husein Ishmawi, 39, an attendant at the UNRWA Naqib Alarabiyeh school in Yarmouk, died on the morning of 14 July 2013 from injuries caused by shelling on the camp’s Palestine Street.

In the afternoon of 14 March, Nasri Khalil Hasan, 52, a mathematics teacher at UNRWA Beer Sheeba School in Khan Eshieh Camp, Damascus died from injuries sustained during shelling of the camp on 13 March.

Dr. Rehab Awadallah, 45, a teacher in Qaboun, northeast Damascus, and her niece lost their lives as they were walking down Al-Quds Street in Yarmouk refugee camp on 4 November.

Abdul Aziz Mahmoud Hamouiyeh, 39, a teacher at Haifa school, Mazzeh in Damascus, was killed in al-Qa’a in al-Midan Damascus on 31 July.

Maher Mohammad al-Kahtib, 52, a maintenance technician at the Damascus Training Centre, and his son, a medical student, were killed in their home in Yarmouk on 6 September.

In the early morning of 9 September 2012, Jihad Husein Suleiman, 28, a school attendant at 'Ara School in Jaramana Camp, was killed while on his way to catch a bus from Yarmouk to his workplace in Jaramana Camp.

Early on Friday, 28 September, Hussam Humeidan, 35, a teacher at Qalqilya School in Husseinieh, Damascus, lost his life when he was caught in a crossfire near his home in Seyyida Zeinab as armed clashes erupted around his vehicle.

Mohammad Suheil Yousef Awwad, 40, who joined UNRWA as a maintenance technician at the Damascus Training Centre in July, died on 24 November 2013. A mortar shell struck his vehicle in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, instantly killing Mr. Awwad and three other passengers.