Palestine refugee children in Syria longing to live a normal life
19 December 2013
Amid all the violence of the conflict in Syria, now nearly three years old, the Hameed family will always remember the shell that hit their home in the Palestine refugee camp of Qabr Essit, in Damascus, on 3 July 2013. In an instant, three of the family's children - 17-year-old Ahmad, 13-year-old Omar and 10-year-old...
UNRWA and US Inaugurate Jalazone School
20 November 2013
West Bank On Sunday, 17 November, Filippo Grandi, Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), along with Felipe Sanchez, Director of UNRWA Operations in the West Bank, inaugurated the Agency’s Jalazone Coeducational School in the presence of US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kelly...
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UNRWA Demands Humanitarian Access to Yarmouk
17 November 2013
UNRWA is increasingly concerned at the continued prevention of access for desperately needed humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians in Yarmouk
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UNRWA Breaks Ground for Husn School
12 November 2013
On 6 November, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) broke ground for a boys’ school in the Palestine refugee camp of Husn, in northern Jordan. The ceremony was conducted by Acting Director of UNRWA Operations in Jordan Anna Segall.
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Engaging Teachers, Engaging Students
08 October 2013
So far, Zeinab Mahmoud Nimr’s career as an Arabic teacher at UNRWA schools in Lebanon has been more exciting than she bargained for. In the course of ten years, she has witnessed a major transition in the way the Agency teaches its nearly half a million Palestine refugee students, moving from simple memorization to...
‘Fun Under the Sun’ Concludes with Children’s Trip to Qalqiliya Zoo
02 October 2013
“Today was a very memorable day for my community,” said one mother, with tears in her eyes. “Thank God for you, thank God for making my child’s dream come true.”
01 October 2013
Reflecting its commitment to education as a vital investment in the human development of Palestine refugees, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has published the results of a comprehensive study on students who drop out of school and the reasons for which they do so.
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17 September 2013
For most children, going back to school means returning to a familiar place and seeing old friends, but for Akram, a 12-year-old Palestine refugee in Syria, everything will be different when he starts sixth grade this fall.
In Gaza, Young Girl Overcomes Tragedy with the Help of UNRWA
13 September 2013
Like many young girls, 9-year-old Wala loved school, but the eight days of violence in Gaza in November 2012 are still a vivid memory. “We lived in fear. It was as if the house drowned under black smoke. I felt the earth shaking under my feet and would run to my mother who used to embrace me and promise me that...
UNRWA Summer Activities: A Breath of Life after War and Displacement
11 September 2013
Aya Nimr, a 10-year old Palestine refugee girl, grew up in Yalda, south-east of Damascus. She has fond memories of living there, but eventually the ongoing conflict in Syria, which injured one of her uncles and killed another, forced her family to flee. When they arrived in Lebanon, in mid-2012, “we thought that we...