INTEL helps UNRWA expand innovative self-learning programme for children affected by regional conflicts
10 December 2014
A new partnership agreement between Intel and UNRWA will improve access to the Agency’s innovative learning materials for thousands of Palestine refugee students and teachers. With the Intel Foundation support of US$ 100,000, UNRWA will create an online portal as a central gateway for continuous education for children...
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A worker stacks food boxes at UNRWA’s central warehouse in Damascus. © UNRWA/Taghrid Mohammad 2014.
07 December 2014
Pamplona Local Council, in Spain, has contributed to the UNRWA Syria Response Plan with EUR 10,000 (US$ 12,000) for food assistance that will be distributed among displaced Palestine refugees in Syria. This project, ‘Contributing to Food Security of Displaced Persons in Syria’, will support UNRWA efforts to ensure...
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Protection social worker Haifa councils a Palestine refugee from Syria in Amman, October 2014.
02 December 2014
Hafsa, a seven-year-old who lost her leg during the Syrian conflict can now expect a brighter future. Last month, she was flown to USA, where she is receiving rehabilitation. This was made possible by UNRWA protection social workers and a partner organization. Only a few weeks ago, Amal was helpless and alone with...
EU, UNICEF and UNRWA: Back-to-school kits for Palestine refugee students from Syria and Palestine refugee students in Lebanon
01 December 2014
UNRWA has held a ceremony at the Nimreen Preparatory School for Girls in Tyre to mark the beginning of the 2014/2015 school year. At the ceremony, Nimreen students received ‘back-to-school’ kits that include useful stationary items generously funded by UNICEF and the EU. This scholastic year, 38,619 Palestine refugee...
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24 November 2014
The Director of Operations of the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Office (ECHO), Jean-Louis De Brouwer, visited the UNRWA humanitarian programmes in Syria on Thursday 20 November.
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Regional government of Aragón, Spain, supports families affected by the emergency in Syria
09 November 2014
The regional government of Aragón, Spain, has donated EUR 40,000 (US$ 54,700) to help UNRWA provide hygiene kits to the most vulnerable Palestine refugees, including displaced children, women and elderly persons. Non-food items such as the hygiene kits provide important support to the health of the Palestine refugee...
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06 November 2014
The Bizkaia Regional Government has donated EUR 115,000 (US$ 150,000) to support internally displaced Palestinian refugees who are food insecure in Syria. UNRWA will use these funds to distribute food to approximately 4,225 families. Each food parcel aims to cover one-third of the daily food needs of each family...
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29 October 2014
UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General Margot Ellis has inaugurated a rehabilitated school for Palestine refugee children in Qabr Essit camp in Sayeda Zeinab on the outskirts of Damascus.
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28 October 2014
More than half a million Palestine refugees are directly affected by the conflict in Syria.
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