© 2013 UNRWA Photo by Sumaya Agha

The Education Reform Strategy, formally launched in October 2011, seeks to change classroom practices with the goal of enhanced student learning outcomes. To achieve this, and in line with global and regional research on educational reform, it lays out a systemic approach to change. It addresses...

UNRWA students in Syria. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Taghrid Mohammad
20 October 2015
The conflict in Syria has progressively encroached on Palestine refugee camps and communities since 2011, with mass displacement, closure of UNRWA schools, and horrific levels of armed violence affecting both students and teachers
© 2015 UNRWA Photo by Sahem Rababa
19 October 2015
Students in Nuzah, Jordan, no longer have to worry about whether their classrooms are safe thanks to the United States, which provided the funds for a newly constructed school
Suheir al-Khaldi teaches Arabic at the UNRWA Preparatory A School in Nuseirat, central Gaza. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Tamer Hamam
13 October 2015
Suheir started her career as an Arabic teacher more than 20 years ago in the same UNRWA school where she had studied as a child. “My best memories are of the UNRWA teachers who, with the humble means available at the time, always encouraged and motivated us as refugees, and particularly girls, to continue our...
© 2015 UNRWA Photo by Taghrid Mohammad
07 October 2015
On 22 September, the Syria Field Office held a ceremony to honour 11 Palestine refugee students who had earned the highest marks in Syria’s national examinations earlier in the summer
© 2013 UNRWA Photo
05 October 2015
Education is essential to eliminating gender inequality, reducing poverty, creating a sustainable planet and fostering peace. In recognition of this, UNRWA will join the rest of the world on 5 October 2015 to celebrate World Teachers' Day, an annual UN celebration that recognizes and celebrates the contribution of...
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Marka Basic Girls School, Amman, Jordan. © 2013 UNRWA Photo by Alaa Ghosheh
05 October 2015
UNRWA has taken all six top awards at the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms Initiative this year in Jordan. The aim of the project is to connect schools in the Middle East with schools around the world, helping young people develop knowledge, skills and values to contribute responsibly both locally and globally
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05 October 2015