UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl meets the seven child actors of the SOS-film “Message in a Bottle”, produced by UNRWA TV in June 2015. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Khalil Adwan
18 September 2015
On 9 and 10 September 2015, UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl visited the Gaza Strip to reach out to UNRWA staff members, the Palestine refugee community, local media and the Gaza civil society.
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© 2015 UNRWA Photo
11 September 2015
1 September - 8 September 2015 | Issue 109 With the 2015/2016 school year now underway, UNRWA school attendance rates have steadily normalized, growing from around 75 per cent at the beginning of the school year to a current attendance rate of 96 per cent. UNRWA runs a total of 257 schools in Gaza. At the start of the...
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Women on a carnation farm in Rafah, employed through the UNRWA Job Creation Programme, bundle flowers destined for the local Gaza market. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Khalil Adwan
10 September 2015
In a big wide tent on a carnation farm in Rafah, southern Gaza, around 15 women are sitting at a large table piled with purple, dark red and yellow-white flowers; quietly and with concentration, they bundle them into decorative bouquets, wrapped into shiny see-through plastic paper. The women, hired through the UNRWA...
UNRWA students go back to school in Gaza, 7 September 2015. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Khalil Adwan
03 September 2015
Thirty-six aid organizations and 400,000 individuals marked the ceasefire anniversary on 26 August with the launch of a public call to end the Gaza blockade.
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SPECIAL FEATURE: 26 August, the first anniversary of the ceasefire after 50 days of conflict
27 August 2015
18 August – 25 August | issue 107 SPECIAL FEATURE: 26 August, the first anniversary of the ceasefire after 50 days of conflict I have seen too much war and suffering in my life. The last conflict was the worst of them all. I hope one day I will have a home again. Mohia El Goula, January 2015 26 August marks one year...
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© 2012 UNRWA Photo by Shareef Sarhan
19 August 2015
STATEMENT BY UNRWA COMMISSIONER-GENERAL PIERRE KRÄHENBÜHL ON THE 2015/16 SCHOOL YEAR I am pleased to declare the 2015/16 UNRWA school year open. Students will return to school according to plan in Palestine on 24 August, in Jordan on 1 September, in Lebanon on 7 September and in Syria on 13 September. I have taken...
Official Statements
© 2015 UNRWA Photo
20 August 2015
8,086 teachers (2,831 males and 5,255 females) in Gaza returned to 257 UNRWA schools on Monday, 17 August. This followed their summer 2015 vacation period, which commenced on 7 June. School principals and teachers typically start the semester in schools a week before students return, to finalize administrative work...
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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in video call with children in Gaza. © 2015 UNRWA Photo
14 August 2015
4 August – 11 August | Issue 105 The infant mortality rate in Gaza has risen for the first time in five decades, according to an UNRWA study released this week.. The number of babies dying before the age of one had consistently decreased over recent decades in Gaza, from 127 per 1,000 live births in 1960 to 20.2 in...
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Naima Abu Abed and Fatima Slama during a food processing class in the UNRWA Gaza Training Centre. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Khalil Adwan.
10 August 2015
At the beginning of July, 16 female over-aged students (those who have previously failed two or more years in school) started two-and-a-half month apprenticeships in private businesses across the Gaza Strip; prior to the apprenticeships, the girls had successfully completed a six-month vocational training in food...