EU supports UNRWA in provision of specialized mental health services
15 April 2015
UNRWA is currently mainstreaming mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) as a cross cutting issue, advocating for a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to address MHPSS needs of Palestine refugees. In this context, UNRWA Lebanon Filed Office is developing the capacities of frontline staff from all core...
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© UNRWA Photo
07 April 2015
The incidence of foodborne and waterborne diseases among Palestine refugees has been decreasing steadily since UNRWA records began. However, a slight upturn between 2013 and 2014, which can be attributed to the conflicts in Syria and Gaza, indicates the importance of ongoing vigilance. Two important indicators for...
25 March 2015
The Ambassador of Brazil to Palestine His Excellency Paulo França, visited UNRWA’s Rimal Health Centre in Gaza City today to see the impact of Brazil’s medical support for Palestine refugees in Gaza.
Press Releases
Unable to walk or speak but able to produce good furniture. © UNRWA Photo by Hannington Muyenje.
18 February 2015
They are a hidden population, whose size and needs are often little documented. Like anyone else, people with disabilities experience war and torture and seek refuge outside their home countries. However, their new places of safety – often camps – may lack sufficient infrastructure and services to address their needs...
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30 January 2015
The electronic queue system at Jerash health centre was made possible by a donation from Kanan Hudhud, a medical doctor based in the US. “I chose to fund the queue system in Jerash health centre because I believe the system will contribute to better utilization of resources and help protect the refugees’ privacy,” Dr...
26 January 2015
Having fled from Jenin, Ahmed’s family sought refuge in Jordan in 1952. Two years later, Ahmed was born in tent in Irbid camp in Northern Jordan. “I received my first vaccination shot from an UNRWA health centre,” says Ahmed, who still lives in Irbid camp with his wife and six children. Ahmed recalls how UNRWA...