© 2015 UNRWA Photo by Shareef Sarhan
27 February 2015
A rigorous hygiene campaign is playing a key role preventing any major disease outbreaks in Collective Centres, some eight months since displaced people first sought shelter from the July/August 2014 hostilities.
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Jibril, left, lost two of his four grandchildren to hypothermia in the storms last month. The family now live in a tiny plastic-covered wooden structure in Beit Hanoun with a blanket for a door. Photograph by Belal Hasna
24 February 2015
Baby Salma died of hypothermia at just 40 days old. Her body was drenched with freezing rainwater. It was frozen “like ice-cream”. Gaza was hit by a severe winter storm called “Huda” in January. Salma was its youngest victim.
Al Ashqar family near their demolished house. © UNRWA Photo by Shareef Sarhan
05 February 2015
Eight-year-old Aseel Al Ashqar fiddles quietly with a worn, pink blanket she has laid on the floor of the empty new bedroom in downtown Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip; the room she now shares with her four siblings. The holes in the blanket, she explains, are a consequence of a bomb that also wiped out her family home during...
03 February 2015
A total of 9,503 families received shelter assistance packages today, Tuesday 3 February, after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia generously repurposed US$ 13.5 million initially pledged to UNRWA for reconstruction in the Gaza Strip. The Kingdom, through the Saudi Fund for Development, responded with flexibility, allowing...
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© UNRWA Photo by Anwar Abu-Sakineh
30 January 2015
“This is a happy home. I feel it smiles for us,” says 11-year-old Islam as she helps her siblings move their belongings inside their new home.
© UNRWA Photo
27 January 2015
UNRWA has been forced to suspend its cash assistance programme in Gaza to tens of thousands of people for repairs to damaged and destroyed homes and for rental subsidies to the homeless.
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17 December 2014
The Government of the United Kingdom, through the Department for International Development (DFID), has contributed a further US $4.7 million) to the UNRWA Flash Appeal for Gaza. This funding will help UNRWA meet the urgent shelter needs of Palestine refugees in Gaza as winter sets in – it is enough to provide rental...
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Gaza Situation Report 70
20 November 2014
UNRWA remains extremely concerned about the slow pace of reconstruction and its ability to continue transitional shelter cash assistance and the shelter repair & reconstruction programme through 2015.
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Shareef Sarhan/UNRWA Archives
06 November 2014
28 October – 04 November | Issue 68 Highlights 18 UNRWA school buildings continue to serve as Collective Centres for approximately 30,073 internally displaced persons (IDPs). Both Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings – Gaza’s main people and commercial crossings respectively – were closed by Israel. This action effectively...
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