UNRWA staff participate in practical simulations during the EiE Safety and Security training. Amman, Jordan. 19 November. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Niels Bolt
16 December 2015
Over a two-week period, UNRWA staff from Jordan, Lebanon and Syria participated in an Education in Emergencies (EiE) Safety and Security training course. Through the training, UNRWA staff gained the skills they need to better ensure the safety of schools and children in emergency situations. The training is part of...
UNRWA students in Syria. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Taghrid Mohammad
20 October 2015
The conflict in Syria has progressively encroached on Palestine refugee camps and communities since 2011, with mass displacement, closure of UNRWA schools, and horrific levels of armed violence affecting both students and teachers
29 June 2015
Today UNRWA announced that 85 per cent of all 137 international personnel on short term contracts will be separated in a phased process which will last until the end of September. 35 per cent of the 137 internationals will see their contracts end in the coming four weeks. Another 50 per cent will end by 30 September...
Official Statements
UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl (left) receives a donation for Gaza from UNRWA staff in Jordan, presented by Director of UNRWA Operations in Jordan, Roger Davies (centre) and staff union Chairman Riyad Zieghan. © 2015 UNRWA Photo
02 March 2015
Members of the UNRWA staff union in Jordan gathered in Amman in December 2014 to hand over a US$ 175,000 cheque to UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl. UNRWA staff and students in Jordan collected the money and other in-kind gifts to demonstrate their solidarity with the people of Gaza. The donations were in...
The packing team with Director of UNRWA Affairs in Syria, Michael Kingsley-Nyinah. © UNRWA
27 January 2015
The Director of UNRWA Affairs in Syria, Michael Kingsley-Nyinah, has honoured a team of packers for their initiative and commitment in salvaging essential food supplies for Palestine refugees during the recent winter storms. Braving a blizzard with freezing temperatures, heavy snowfalls, and slippery conditions, the...
UNRWA Prioritizes the Safety and Security of Staff and Communities in Gaza
23 September 2014
Casualties often to continue to rise after armed conflicts when unexploded ordnances detonate. These detonations can be caused by either risky behaviour or environmental factors.
Wafa Nassman of UNRWA’s Logistics Team is making sure that aid gets to those who need it most.
09 September 2014
Coordinating more than 30 truckloads of vital supplies is all in a day’s work for Wafa Nassman and her colleagues. As a logistics assistant with UNRWA in Gaza, Wafa has expanded her usual role and responsibilities to facilitate customs requirements, navigate border crossings and help coordinate the distribution of...