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Emergency Response

Over the past 60 years, UNRWA has always taken action to mitigate the effects of emergencies on the lives of Palestine refugees.

Syria Emergency

The current regional crisis, triggered by the conflict in Syria, is one of the most trying challenges UNRWA has faced since it was created to assist Palestine refugees after their original dispossession and dispersion throughout the region in 1948.

Palestine refugees in Syria have been severely affected by the armed conflict in the country, with virtually all their residential areas experiencing armed engagements or the use of heavy weapons. The number of Palestine refugees in need of assistance in Syria is rapidly approaching the total population of 540,000 registered refugees.  Over half have already been displaced from their homes.

Despite chronic financial constraints, we are continuing to respond to the critical needs of Palestine refugees affected by the conflict in Syria, including those still within Syria and those who have fled to Lebanon and Jordan, as well as the small number who have reached Gaza.

How is UNRWA helping?

We provide urgent humanitarian assistance in the form of food, cash, household and winter items and health services to Palestine refugees in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. UNRWA is also intent on maintaining its regular services, including in primary education and health care, adapting them to conflict conditions as required.

We are appealing for a total of US$ 417.4 million to provide vital emergency assistance to Palestine refugees until the end of 2013. Of this, US$ 310.0 million will go to helping Palestine refugees inside Syria, US$ 90.4 million to Palestine refugees from Syria in Lebanon and US$ 14.6 million to those in Jordan. We require US$ 2.4 million for regional management and emergency response outside of the purview of these three field offices, including for cash assistance to Palestine refugee families in Gaza.

The Agency's operational depth and breadth in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, made possible by more than 3,000 area staff, many experienced in humanitarian assistance, has allowed us to respond with comparative speed and effectiveness to crisis, supporting the resilience of the Palestine refugee community and helping stem what they increasingly perceive as a downward spiral into an insecure and uncertain future.

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Syria Crisis

Palestine refugees from Syria have been severely affected by the ongoing armed conflict in the country.