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West Bank
West Bank
The West Bank covers 5,500 square kilometres with an estimated population of 2.4 million.

The West Bank is home to nearly 750,000 registered refugees, around a quarter of whom live in 19 camps. Most of the others live in West Bank towns and villages. Some camps are located next to major towns and others are in rural areas.

While the West Bank has the largest number of recognized Palestine refugee camps in the five UNWRA fields, the largest of them, Balata, has a similar population similar to that of the smallest camp in Gaza.

Facts & figures

  • 748,899  registered Palestine refugees
  • 19 camps
  • 99 schools, with 51,695 pupils
  • 2 vocational and technical training centres
  • 42 primary health centres
  • 15 community rehabilitation centres
  • 18 women’s programme centres

Figures as of 1 July 2013

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