Officers of the Advisory Commission

Officers of the Advisory Commission

The Advisory Commission is led by a Chair and a Vice-Chair, each representing a Host country and a Donor country. They are appointed annually at the June meeting of the Advisory Commission from among its members according to alphabetical rotation, and serve for one year beginning 1 July. The Chair alternates at each appointment between a Host and a Donor country.

Mr. Ali Mustafa, Director of General Authority for Palestine Arab Refugees (GAPAR), Syrian Arab Republic

Ms. Veronique Hulmann, Director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Switzerland

Bureau of the Sub-Committee of the Advisory Commission

The Bureau, in close consultation with the Advisory Commission Secretariat, enhances the effectiveness of the Advisory Commission, especially in preparation and facilitating of discussions leading to Advisory Commission meetings. The Bureau comprises the Chair of the Sub-Committee of the Advisory Commission, and two Vice-Chairs. These three officers, of which at least one must represent a Host country, are appointed by the Advisory Commission each year at its November session from among its members.

Bureau of the Sub-Committee

Ms. Segolene Adam, Deputy Director of Cooperation, Switzerland

Mr. Guy Lawson, Regional Refugee Coordinator, USA
H.E. Eng. Mahmoud Al-Aqrabawi, Director-General of the Department of Palestinian Affairs, Jordan