• Girls and boys attending UNRWA schools in the Jalazone Palestine refugee camp in the West Bank wave during a break in their lessons. © 2018 UNRWA Photo by Marwan Baghdadi.

    Over Half a Million Girls and Boys Will Go Back to UNRWA Schools for the New Scholastic Year 2019-2020

    Over 700 schools run by the UNRWA will open their doors in time for the new scholastic year 2019-2020 in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria within less than a monthRead more
  • Students at the UNRWA Birzeit Girls’ School, West Bank, 22 November, 2018. © 2018 UNRWA Photo by Marwan Baghdadi.

    The United Arab Emirates contributes extraordinary US$ 50 million to UNRWA

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced a US$ 50 million contribution to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), thus reiterating its commitment to support the vital and life-saving services provided by the Agency to over five million Palestine refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza and the West Bank. The UAE is a valued and reliable partner to the Agency, and one of a select few donors whose regular support over several decades has greatly contributed to the Agency’s ability to carry out its mandate. UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre...Read more
  • Keep Kids Active

    Keep Kids Active

    UNRWA and UNICEF just launched “Keeping Kids Active”! It provides kids in the Gaza Field with safe spaces to have fun! 50 locations across the Gaza Field taking part!...
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  • World Refugee Day

    World Refugee Day

    On the occasion of World Refugee Day, UNRWA echoes calls for support to refugees all over the world and for the Palestine refugees the Agency is proud to serve. UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl: "There is no doubt that we have contributed to one of the most remarkable human development processes and significantly advanced several key sustainable development goals for Palestine refugees, notably in education, health and beyond, pending a just and lasting solution to their plight. Palestine refugees need and deserve a just and lasting political solution."...
    World Refugee Day video
  • UNRWA supports quality education and decent work and economic growth

    UNRWA supports quality education and decent work and economic growth

    From the start, UNRWA has emphasized the need to promote livelihoods by building the human capital of Palestine refugees and providing access to income generating opportunities and employment. It has done so by providing quality education for girls and boys equally, equipping thousands of young women and men with the skills needed to enter the work force through technical and vocational training, and through its award-winning microfinance programme, which offers small loans to households, entrepreneurs and small-business owners. UNRWA also plays a role in creating employment, ...
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  • Gaza Crisis Appeal

    Gaza Crisis Appeal

    As we get into the 13th year of blockade, families in Gaza need your help.
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I believe in human rights for Palestinians.
I believe all humans are entitled to life, peace and opportunity.
I believe in justice and peace for all.
Being safe, having food and having shelter should be a basic human right.
I believe that every human deserves to live and have a better life.
Its work reflects the continued responsibility of the international community to the Palestinians.
The situation of Palestine refugees breaks my heart.
Lessening the suffering of Palestine refugees makes me really happy.
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World peace needs a free Palestine.
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It is our duty as humans to join hands to ease suffering.
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It helps to fulfill the basic human rights and needs of Palestinians, a forgotten people, by...
We cannot forget Palestine refugees.
UNRWA helped many Palestinians to excel in life under Occupation and very difficult circumstances...
I want to help the innocents who are suffering and in need, especially of basic necessities.
I am from a Palestinian refugee family, saw what UNRWA did for my family, how it supported us and...
I have seen firsthand how bad is the treatment that Palestinians can receive in Palestine/Israel...
I trust them to get the help to people who need it the most.

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