Unit 2.4 Developing a high performing team


Developing a team approach harnesses the skills, energy and motivation of individuals to achieve better results. The majority of people experience a great deal of satisfaction from being part of an effective team. We will explore why people work well in teams and why every senior leader needs to utilise the skills and experiences of their team in order to maximise performance.

Any team, newly-formed or well-established, successful or failing to meet its goals, needs to review and take stock from time to time in order to identify how it can improve.

In this unit we will explore why it is good to have teams, and how to create and develop successful teams using tool and techniques to engage and motivate all members.

As Meredith Belbin said: “Nobody’s perfect, but a team can be.”


By the end of this unit of study you will be able to:

  • understand the potential power of a high performing team
  • know how to develop high performing teams in your school

Learning and practice outcomes:

You will:

  • implement a plan to develop the effectiveness of your staff team
  • use practical strategies to promote team based approaches

Implementation Task:

Design and implement a plan to develop a team you lead.