Unit 2.5 Distributing Leadership


Distributing your leadership has the potential to transform your school, raise achievement and inspire more effective practice from staff. In this unit we will explore the concept of sharing your leadership with other members of your staff. If we distribute leadership we are doing much more than delegating tasks. We are using a powerful and potentially transformational approach to ensure that leadership becomes a collective endeavour and that school change and improvement is a shared undertaking. Head Teachers/School Principals need practical strategies and approaches to ensure they develop their staff to take responsibility and to share leadership.

The ideas and approaches in this unit link closely with Unit 2.4 Developing a high performing team. You will find steps and actions in both units which will help you to share your leadership and develop the commitment, motivation and skills of your staff team. There are also links between this unit and Unit 2.3 Leadership styles and strategies. The implementation task you completed for Unit 2.3 provided a practical way to share and distribute your leadership.

This unit will enable you to design and promote a variety of opportunities for staff to participate in key decisions and take on leadership roles. As Head Teacher/School Principal you are the critical change-agent. You will need to create organisational conditions and processes and provide the climate and support for all staff to contribute to leadership. There are practical strategies in this unit to enable you to be guardian and facilitator of change and improvement.


By the end of this unit of study you will be able to:

  • know more about the concept of distributing leadership
  • understand how to share leadership and responsibility in your school

Learning and practice outcomes:

By the end of this unit, you will:

  • have ideas and approaches to share your leadership through your school
  • have a plan to develop leadership skills and build the leadership capacity of your school

Implementation Task:

Distribute the leadership of three school assignments to members of your staff.

Lessons from Geese

Distributing Leadership a Case study