Unit 1.2 Leading with moral purpose


In this Unit we will explore how the leadership in schools must be refocused for the future. Using moral purpose as a key concept, we will look at how you can unlock the mindsets and commitment of all staff in your school for the deep and lasting reform required. We must start with you as the leader.

  • What is your moral purpose?
  • Are you focused on making a difference to the lives of your students?
  • Are you clear about the need to raise attainment for all members of your school community?

As you study this Unit, you will be asked to reflect on your role as a morally purposeful leader in establishing the building blocks for successful change for students and staff.


By the end of this Unit of study, you will be able to:

  • understand the concept of moral purpose;
  • identify how you currently apply your moral purpose within your leadership;
  • begin to consider how to lead your staff to focus on morally purposeful actions.

Learning and practice outcomes

By the end of this Unit of study, you will:

  • be clear about your moral purpose as a leader;
  • be able to align your moral purpose as a leader with the UNRWA Reform Strategy;
  • have a simple tool to check that your school development priorities are in line with your revised moral purpose.

Implementation Task

This task will help you to reflect on your school priorities and use the Prioritisation Tool to explore the extent to which your identified development priorities are morally purposeful.

Leading with a moral purpose

Professor John West-Burnham - Moral leadership

Professor Michael Fullan - Moral purpose writ large

 Professor Michael Fullan - Moral purpose writ large