Unit 1.4 Setting and sharing your vision


Schools are all about the future. Our students are the future.

Successful Head Teachers/School Principals focus their schools and their staff by creating a vision for the future. The vision is a combination of your values and strategic or futures thinking. Your vision enables everyone in the school to understand the direction the school is going in and the priorities for development. It is your way of sharing ideas, and engaging and motivating people.

Excellent leaders use their vision to help translate the moral purpose and strategic plan for the school into reality. The vision tells people:

'This is where we want to be in the future and this is what sort of organisation we want to be.’

If your staff do not know about your vision (where the school is going and what it will be like in the future) – or there is no plan of how to get there – then how can staff help you implement your vision?

This Unit will help you to create and share your vision with all members of the school community. There are practical tools and techniques to help you share your dream.


By the end of this Unit of study, you will be able to:

  • understand the vision of the UNRWA Reform Strategy;
  • describe the future you want to see for your school, students and staff;
  • use practical tools and techniques to set and share your vision.

Learning and practice outcomes

By the end of this Unit of study, you will:

  • articulate a vision for your school;
  • ensure your vision is aligned to the UNRWA Reform Strategy;
  • engage staff in sharing your vision for the future.

Implementation Task

Prepare and facilitate a visioning session with one of the teams (or all the staff) in your school by using the visioning process and activities included in the Unit.




Dr. Caroline Pontefract/Director of Education/HQ-UNRWA shares the vision of UNRWA of Education reform Strategy

Walid Al-Khatib/Former CFEP, Lebanon talks about his vision for every child in an UNRWA school

Creating a Shared Vision and Purpose