Unit 3.3 Leading and managing the implementation of SBTD


All teachers up to Grade 6 in your school are expected to complete the School Based Teacher Development (SBTD) programme as part of the UNRWA Education Reform Strategy. This professional development programme will enable them to develop their pedagogical knowledge and skills to improve teaching and learning. The knowledge, skills and understanding which teachers will develop through studying the SBTD programme are essential to the changes in the culture you are implementing through Leading for the Future. You will be able to use the professional development of your teachers through SBTD to focus many of the approaches and strategies you are applying in your own professional learning as you study Leading for the Future and complete the Implementation Tasks.

Throughout the SBTD programme and after, your teachers will require support and feedback to maximise their progress and performance. In this unit we will explore practical ways in which you can support your staff and maximise the impact of the SBTD, LftF and the UNRWA Reform Strategy.


By the end of this unit of study you will be able to:

  • understand the aims and objectives of the SBTD programme
  • plan to provide high quality support for all teachers
  • identify the success criteria for SBTD in your school

Learning and practice outcomes:

You will:

  • be confident to provide high quality support for the SBTD programme in your school
  • have an impact evaluation strategy for SBTD

Implementation Task:

Record the progress of the teachers in your school as they complete SBTD as outlined in the SBTD Programme Handbook.

If the teachers have not yet started to study SBTD, make an outline plan for support and monitoring their progress when they engage with the programme.