Unit 3.1 Observing and improving teaching and learning


We know from research into effective schools across the world that the most successful Head Teachers and School Principals are focused on and spend the majority of their time improving teaching and learning. Learning is the core business of a school. People coming together to learn is the reason that schools exist. In the busy life of a Head Teacher/School Principal sometimes we take our eye off the core function – to improve learning for everyone in the school.  Working through this unit and the associated implementation task will renew and strengthen your focus on improving learning. In this first unit of Module  three, our focus is observing and improving learning. It’s about people spending time in classrooms observing interactions between teachers and pupils and then having structured dialogue to explore what was effective and what could be made more effective to improve learning. The teachers in your school will be completing the School Based Teacher Development Programme and it is essential for you to observe their developing practice and to promote the sharing of developing practice through teachers observing other teachers in the classroom. This unit will help you to establish effective school-wide protocols to ensure classroom observation impacts positively on the standards of teaching and learning in your school.


By the end of this unit of study you will be able to:

  • identify effective practice in classroom observation
  • understand the importance of focussing on improving teaching and learning
  • present a strategy to implement effective classroom observation throughout your school

Learning and practice outcomes:

You will:

  • be confident and competent in using classroom observation to improve teaching and learning
  • have a clear plan to make classroom observation effective in improving standards of teaching and learning

Implementation task:

Complete three classroom observations using shared criteria and make a record of the feedback session and its impact.

Observing and improving teaching and learning planning sheet

3 Minute classroom walkthrough form

SBTD:TCP Classroom Observation Form