Unit 3.5 Developing the climate for teaching and learning


The climate in the classroom is the emotional atmosphere which determines the learning and progress made by each pupil. The teacher is responsible for setting and controlling the climate for learning in their classroom. Creating a successful classroom climate with a supportive environment is one of the most important classroom management strategies teachers need to get right if they want to create a classroom where learning is highly valued. As Head Teacher /School Principal focused on improving teaching and learning you must ensure the climate in every classroom in your school supports and maximises learning and progress for every child. Every child must feel safe and be enabled to build a positive relationship with their teacher.

In this Unit you will be given the opportunity to explore classroom climate and to consider how you can provide all your teachers with insight into managing their classrooms positively to ensure the climate is promoting and supporting excellent learning for every child.


By the end of this Unit of study you will be able to:

  • identify the key elements in ensuring a positive classroom climate for learning
  • know how to assess the climate for learning in a classroom/school

Learning and practice outcomes:

By the end of this Unit of study you will:

  • have a plan to measure and improve the climate for learning in your school
  • be able to use some activities with your staff to raise awareness about the importance of classroom climate

Implementation task:

Design and complete a plan to measure the school climate and identify priorities to improve the climate in all classrooms.

Introducing Circle Time