Unit 4.2 Coaching and questioning skills


Research shows clearly that coaching is a powerful and effective way of developing people. In this unit we will consider the key skills involved in coaching and questioning people. Embedding a coaching culture in an organisation is proven to provide and effective professional and sustainable professional development.

Coaching provides the key to improving teaching and learning and developing leadership.

This unit links closely to Unit 2.3 Leadership styles and strategies. It identifies the practical skills required to distribute leadership throughout the school and to provide coaching feedback to improve teaching and learning.

Developing your coaching skills will enable you to develop your leadership and to improve teaching and learning in your school.


By the end of this unit of study you will be able to:

  • understand the key skills involved in coaching
  • know how to improve your questioning skills and techniques

Learning and practice outcomes:

You will:

  • gain confidence to apply your coaching skills in order to share your leadership and to improve teaching and learning

Implementation Task

Use coaching and questioning to improve teaching and learning and to create a solutions-focussed approach to leadership.


Coaching skills for Team Leaders

Skill/ Will matrix

Coaching in the workplace

How coaching works