Unit 4.3 Appraiser Skills


The skills of the Appraiser are key to the success of the Appraisal process. Setting appropriate objectives and negotiating success criteria, the evidence and support to be provided requires the highest order of skills and understanding. The quality of the Appraiser’s skills makes the wholes appraisal process a successful and motivational process for each teacher or a meaningless paper trail with little or no impact or value.

In this unit we will examine practical considerations to setting and reviewing relevant and motivating objectives for teachers, focused on the development priorities of the school and on improving teaching and learning.


By the end of this unit of study you will be able to:

  • understand and know how to set relevant and appropriate objectives for individual teachers
  • know how to review and appraise teachers’ performance

Learning and practice outcomes:

You will:

  • have the skills and confidence to set and review appropriate and challenging objectives for all teachers
  • use a simple outline for setting and reviewing objectives with your teachers

Implementation Task:

Apply some of the ideas and techniques from this unit to set and review performance management objectives with your teachers.


Three minute walkthrough