Unit 4.6 School evaluation and improvement


In this Unit we will draw together many of the techniques, tools and strategies from other modules and units in the programme. School Leaders must embrace change which is focused on improving standards. This Unit will help you to review and evaluate your current provision and standards and to identify and prioritise the key areas for improvement. You will be expected to collaborate with your staff, parents, and the Education Specialists assigned to your school to ensure that your School Development Plan is focused on the key things that will make a significant difference. Working collaboratively will enable your school to move forward towards your identified goals more quickly and to improve the standards and provision for all students and staff.

Al improvement must start with review and evaluation of current practice and provision. We must also ensure that monitoring and impact evaluation activities are identified at the initial planning stage. School improvement planning is based on the notion of “intelligent accountability” and as a school leader you must know your school well and understand clearly what needs to be done to secure continual improvement.


By the end of this unit of study you will be able to:

  • understand the principles of school evaluation and improvement
  • include stakeholders in your planning, monitoring and evaluation of a plan to improve your school

Learning and practice outcomes:

You will:

  • know how to monitor, review and evaluate school provision
  • design a plan to improve standards in your school
  • collaborate with stakeholders to implement sustainable change and improvement

Implementation Task:

Design and implement a plan to improve standards in your school in collaboration with key stakeholders.



Cycle of MRE case study Eliot Bank

Appreciative Enquiry Questions

Monitoring and Evaluating

Monitoring Activities

Checklist for monitoring students’ work and outcomes