For almost 70 years, Palestine refugees have faced the uncertainty of repeated conflict and displacement, with those in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza living under the heavy burden of 50 years of occupation. For decades, generations of Palestine refugees have seen their land confiscated, their families separated and their rights violated. For decades, many of their stories have been forgotten, while the occupation they live under has become more entrenched. Follow us as we share the stories of the countless Palestine refugees who, though #StillRefugees, continue to hope for a brighter future.


© 2017 UNRWA Photo by Marwan Bagdadi
“Fifty years on, the human consequences of the occupation remain inescapable for all affected by it,” says Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl. “The...

Life is difficult for Palestinians in Gaza, including Palestine refugees. Most of them remain essentially trapped in the coastal enclave due to the 10-year blockade. For young Palestine refugee children like 11-year-old Ayman, one can only dream about life without conflict. #StillRefugees #forPalestinerefugees

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Meet Ayesh from Gaza one of many Palestine refugees living in abject poverty, further exacerbated by the 50-year occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Like many vulnerable Palestine refugee families, Ayesh and his family rely on UNRWA assistance to help them meet their most basic needs. #StillRefugees #forPalestinerefugees

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Only 10 per cent of Gaza’s population has access to safe drinking water. Through his drawing, 12-year-old Mohammed implores the government and municipalities to act now to solve Gaza’s water problem. #StillRefugees #forPalestinerefugees

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Ayan and her family are Palestine refugees and are among the 11,000 Palestinians who are isolated in the ‘Seam Zone’ (areas between the Green Line and the...

For many Palestine refugee children in Gaza, recurrent conflict has become a fixture of their young lives. Since 2008, there have been three major outbreaks of hostilities in Gaza, resulting in widespread destruction, internal displacement and psychosocial trauma. Despite this reality, 14-year-old Ala’a still dreams about flying out of Gaza and travelling abroad to pursue his dreams. #StillRefugees #forPalestinerefugees

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Meet Sadeel! Sadeel is a Palestine refugee student at the UNRWA Jalazone Girls School in the West Bank. For Sadeel and many other Palestine refugee students, school is one of the few safe spaces where they can play and feel a sense of security. #StillRefugees#forPalestinerefugees

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In June 2002, Israel began construction of the West Bank Barrier. Today, the Barrier impedes access to services and...

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Final Skype Exchange! Gaza and Amsterdam

Watch Gaza and Amsterdam students speak the universal language of music in an enthusiastic final Skype exchange for the EU-supported My Voice-My School project. Kijk naar studenten uit Gaza en Amsterdam die de uniervesele taal van muziek spreken in een enthoesiaste laatste uitwisseling via skype tijdens het EU gesteunde My Voice-My School project. شاهد طلاب غزة وأمستردام يغنون سوياً في التبادل الحماسي الأخير من مشروع #صوتي_مدرستي الممول من قبل الاتحاد الأوروبي

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An UNRWA teacher in Gaza’s Beach camp developed a series of engaging computer games that help under-performing Palestine refugee students pass their exams...

Hoda's Story

On 1 March 2003, 12-year-old Hoda Darwish was sitting at her desk in an UNRWA school in Khan Younis in Gaza. At 2 p.m., a high-velocity bullet was fired through her classroom window, hitting her in the head. Despite this tragic event and recurrent conflict, Huda perseveres. Watch the trailer for ‘Hoda’s Story’, currently screening at film festivals around the world. #StillRefugees #forPalestinerefugees www.unrwa.org/StillRefugees

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Aida Palestine refugee camp sits on the outskirts of Bethlehem. 5,500 refugees live here in crammed conditions, isolated from the Jerusalem area by two...

Mohammed from the Gaza Strip

Due to the 10-year blockade, health-care providers in Gaza face shortages, forcing many patients to be referred abroad. But since the tightening of movement restrictions in June 2016, many patients face difficulties in obtaining the permits to seek such treatment. For Mohammed, the inability to leave Gaza makes him feel as though he is living in a big prison. #StillRefugees #forPalestinerefugees www.unrwa.org/StillRefugees

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The 50-day conflict in Gaza in 2014 had devastating consequences for the residents of the coastal enclave, including Palestine refugees. Between 8 July and...

Riham Abu Hasira from the Gaza Strip

The 10-year blockade on Gaza has led to an acute electricity crisis, which has had serious implications for the health, water and sanitation sectors. See how Riham from Gaza City wants to raise awareness about the danger of using unsafe means, such as candles, to cope with the electricity shortages. #StillRefugees #forPalestinerefugees www.unrwa.org/StillRefugees

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Mahmoud Ouda’s refugee family lived on the main road into Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza. Over the course of 2003 and 2004, Mahmoud and his family constantly...

In the 1960s, UNRWA schools achieved gender parity, which has been maintained ever since. In 1962, UNRWA opens the...

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This short film follows Waed, a Palestine refugee, as he makes his way through a number of Israeli military checkpoints in Hebron before arriving at the...

George Nehmeh was an UNRWA photographer and filmmaker from 1960 to 1996. He has captured some of the most iconic moments from the history of Palestine...

During the 1967 hostilities, the midwife Umm-Ismail helped other refugee women safely give birth while she fled from Ein el-Sultan camp near Jericho to...

Yousef Qinawi and Mahmoud Abdullah are former UNRWA staff members who served on the front-line to help the Palestine refugees fleeing the 1967 hostilities....

On 1 May 1950, UNRWA begins its operations in the service of Palestine refugees. In this photo, Palestine refugees in...

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!Meet the Hajjeh

Did you meet the Hajjeh? Throughout her long life, the Hajjeh has been witness to much of Palestinian history. Through 50 years of occupation the Hajjeh has persevered. Follow the Hajjeh as she walks alongside UNRWA and marks 50 years of occupation. #StillRefugees #forPalestinerefugees www.unrwa.org/StillRefugees هل قابلتم الحجة؟ على مدار سنوات حياتها الطويلة، كانت الحجة شاهدة على الكثير من التاريخ الفلسطيني. وخلال خمسين سنة من الاحتلال، حافظت الحجة على صمودها. تابعوا الحجة وهي تسير جنبا إلى جنب مع الأونروا لإحياء الذكرى الخمسين للاحتلال. #لاجئين_للآن. #للاجئي_فلسطين www.unrwa.org/ar/StillRefugees

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