Education in Jordan

In Jordan, UNRWA provides basic education to over 120,900 students at 169 UNRWA schools. Students in the fourth, eighth and tenth grades take national quality-control tests in the core subjects – Arabic, English, science and maths – and consistently achieve better results than students from private or government schools.

We are also excited to be able to provide university education in teaching, Arabic and English to about 1,200 students through the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Arts. We plan to add a fourth specialty, geography, in the 2013/14 academic year.

Based on our commitment to accessible education, we are now developing a scholarship and stipend programme for Palestine refugee students. The collateral is considerable: Study fellows will then serve at UNRWA schools for twice the period of their study. This will not only help students access further education, but will support the Agency by filling vacant posts in high-demand subjects. We also a plan to initiate a similar scholarship programme for postgraduates to ensure the sustainability of the faculty teaching staff.