Infrastructure & Camp Improvement in the Gaza Strip

The Infrastructure and Camp Improvement programme (ICIP) was established in Gaza to improve the living conditions of Palestine refugees through the planning, design and construction of UNRWA facilities, shelters, schools and health centres, as well as through comprehensive planning for the environmental health sector. ICIP also works on the restoration of sewerage and drainage works, water wells and wastewater treatment in Palestine refugee camps and surrounding areas. 

After establishing a coordination mechanism for the entry of construction materials into Gaza in 2010, UNRWA initiated a recovery and reconstruction plan. Since then, 34 schools and 3 health centres have been constructed, along with a large-scale project to build 752 housing units in Rafah, funded by the Government of Saudi ArabiaOther initiatives include rehousing projects funded by Japan, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, which built a total of 650 units in Khan Younis. 

ICIP also offers technical assessments and follow up on construction in order to mitigate the immediate effects of emergencies. This involves reconstructing shelters for Palestine refugee families who become homeless after their shelters are destroyed by Israeli military operations or natural disasters. 

ICIP gives priority to Palestine refugees registered under the Social Safety Net programme, rehabilitating their frequently unsafe shelters.