Socio-economic Survey on Palestine Refugees from Syria living in Lebanon

الأربعاء, نيسان 28, 2021

In early March 2020, UNRWA carried out a living conditions survey among Palestine refugees from Syria (PRS) in Lebanon to determine resource requirements in meeting their humanitarian needs. A representative sample of the PRS population found to be residing in Lebanon in a recent verification exercise – a total of 8,737 families or 28,386 individuals – provided the sample frame. Survey interviews were conducted with 1,475 individuals representing themselves and their families in the country’s five operational areas: North Lebanon area (NLA), Central Lebanon area (CLA), the Saida area, the Tyre area and the Beqaa area. Half of them live in one of the 12 Palestine refugee camps established in Lebanon.

10.07 ميغابايت

A PRS youth working as a weekly paid worker at a juice shop in Beddawi Camp to assist his family. © 2020 UNRWA Photo by Maysoun Mustafa