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The incidence of foodborne and waterborne diseases among Palestine refugees has been steadily decreasing since UNRWA records began. However, a slight upturn between 2013 and 2014, which can be attributed to the conflicts in Syria and Gaza, shows the importance of ongoing vigilance.Read more


It is time for nearly half a million Palestine refugee children to return to school. This autumn, 666 UNRWA schools will open their doors in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. But most of these children will be returning to school in environments of instability, conflict and fear.Read more

UNRWA Photo Competition 2014

Every day that the blockade continues and new raids are carried out, we are overwhelmed by a flood of numbers: how many dead, how many wounded, how many victims. The morning headlines are brimming with the number of dead, injured and displaced.Read more


Over 50 days of hostilities, the summer 2014 conflict caused unparalleled destruction and human suffering across the Gaza Strip. Families lost their children, entire neighbourhoods were torn to the ground, and tens of thousands were left with nothing as their homes were destroyed. Thousands remain displaced to this day. The 2014 conflict not only shattered homes and lives – much too often it has...Read more


Sixty-five years ago, UNRWA began providing relief to 700,000 newly-displaced Palestine refugees. Created as a temporary agency until a just and durable solution was achieved, the UNRWA mandate was set to expire in one year.Read more

Weather the Storm

Winter is here and many Palestine refugees in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as Palestine refugees from Syria (including those in Lebanon and Jordan) are not ready. Exposed to the elements, they need your help to keep themselves warm this winter. Tens of thousands are still homeless in Gaza following the latest Israeli offensive; over half the Palestine refugees in Syria are displaced and all...Read more

Building Solidarity

To mark the climax of the UN’s International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, an iconic image from UNRWA’s newly digitized archive is being displayed on buildings in eight cities across the world: Bangkok, Beirut, Jakarta, Marrakesh, New York, Seville, Tokyo and Vienna. #BuildingSolidarity aims to highlight the yet unresolved plight of the Palestine refugees, who are still awaiting...Read more


For people, families and communities around the world, the holy month of Ramadan is a time of empathy, togetherness and solidarity. This Ramadan, UNRWA asks you to think of the more than 1 million Palestine refugees across the region who need help to meet their basic food requirements. Crises like the blockade of the Gaza Strip, more than three years of devastating conflict in Syria, or simply...Read more

UNRWA Photo & Film Competition: Clothes Line!

For the Palestine refugee community, the clothes line is a symbol of the chaos of life in the camp. On rooftops and balconies, under windows or between narrow alleys, residents cannot escape the ropes, placed randomly all over the camp.Read more
For Palestine refugees, the past 66 years have been marked by incredible hardship – including displacement, sometimes several times over, and violence; including poverty, sickness and hardship; including the denial of rights as basic as education or movement. But this long journey has also been marked by courage, strength and achievement in measure equal to the challenges faced, and much of that...Read more