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As millions around the world prepare for the holiday season, Palestine refugees are bracing themselves for the oncoming winter amid armed conflict, destroyed homes and ongoing uncertainty. Help us provide the most vulnerable among them – particularly those who had to flee or lost their homes as a result of conflict in Syria and Gaza – with the support they need to endure the harsh conditions this...Read more

Engaging with the youth of Syria

Youth are the backbone and the future of every community. More than ever in a time of conflict, the world needs to keep investing in Syria’s youth, and help build the country’s future.Read more

International Women’s Day

On 8 March, UNRWA joins the international community in celebrating International Women’s Day. This year’s global theme, ‘Women in the Changing World of Work’, celebrates the achievements of women in the workforce and draws attention to the impact of changes in the world of work on women, both in terms of opportunities, as well as growing concerns such as the informality of labour and instability...Read more

 Education beyond the front line

Approximately half a million Palestine refugee children are students of UNRWA schools in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the West Bank. But for many of them, their access to education remains under constant threat as a result of the very challenging circumstances in which they live. Whether in active conflict zones, under prolonged occupation or within the context of sociopolitical instability,...Read more

My Voice – My School 2016-2017

My Voice-My School is an education project which empowers youth by giving them a voice and the opportunity to communicate across borders on issues that matter to them. It puts children at the heart of the conversation about what the Sustainable Development, Goal 4 ‘Quality Education’, should look like and appeals to the international community to continue to prioritize education funding...Read more

Voices of Syria

Entering its seventh year, the Syrian conflict has created over 4.8 million refugees and caused the displacement of an estimated 6.5 million within the country. During 2016, the conflict continued with brutal intensity while efforts to reach a political solution have failed so far.Read more


A warm thanks to all who donated and helped us raise US$ 51,247. This money is being used to keep cold and vulnerable Palestine refugees safe and warm. Our campaign is now closed, but we will continue to accept donations, as winter is only just beginning.Read more

Meet My School

Palestine refugee children’s access to a quality basic education remains under constant threat as a result of challenging and abnormal circumstances. In Syria, six years of conflict have rendered over 70 per cent of UNRWA schools inoperative, due to damage to school infrastructure, access restrictions or the need for schools to be used as collective centres sheltering internally displaced persons...Read more