Recruitment status

Overview of closed vacancies during the last six months:

Vacancy No. 
17-FO-SA-01 Deputy Director of UNRWA Affairs (Organizational Support) P-5 5/2/2017 Receiving Applications
16-HQ-AM-70 Senior Auditor P-4 29/1/2017 Under Review
16-HQ-AM-69 Chief, Audit Division P-5 29/1/2017 Under Review
16-HQ-AM-68 Human Resources Officer P-3 1/2/2017 Receiving Applications
16-FO-LB-67 Associate Donor Relations and Project Support Officer P-2 11/1/2017 Under Review
16-FO-JO-66 Head, Field Human Resources Office P-4 14/1/2017 Under Review
16-FO-GA-64 Programme Support and Planning Team Leader P-3 19/12/2016 Under Review
16-FO-SA-63 Humanitarian Response Officer P-3 13/12/2016 Under Review
16-FO-VS-62 Protection Officer (2 positions) P-3 30/11/2016 Under Review
16- FO-GA-61 Legal Officer P-3 24/11/2016 Under Review
16-FO-JO-60 Deputy Director of UNRWA Operations P-5 11/12/2016 Under Review
16-FO-LB-59 Head, Field Procurement and Logistics Office P-4 22/11/2016 Under Review
16-FO-JO-58 Head, Field Legal Office P-4 16/11/2016 Under Review
16-FO-SA-57 Senior Field Security Officer P-4 12/11/2016 Under Review
16-HQ-AM-56 Head, Programme and Projects Section P-4 8/11/2016 Under Review
16- HQ-AM-55 Senior Protection Officer (Mainstreaming) P-4 7/11/2016 Under Review
16-HQ-AM-54 Head, International Personnel Services Section (Internal Vacancy) P-4 19/10/2016 Filled
16-FO-GA-53 Associate Projects Coordinator – Construction Material Monitoring P-2 25/10/2016 Filled
16-HQ-JR-52 Special Assistant to the Commissioner-General P-4 29/10/2016 Under Review
16-FO-LB-51 Director of UNRW Affairs D-2 26/10/2016 Under Review
16-FO-GA-50 Senior Deputy Director of UNRWA Operations (Programmes) D-1 25/10/2016 Under Review
16-FO-VS-49 Field Security Officer (3 positions), Various Fields P-3 15/10/2016  Under Review
16-HQ-JR-48 Director of Legal Affairs D-1 29/10/2016  Filled
16-HQ-JR-47 Senior Legal Officer (International Law) P-4 5/10/2016 Under Review
16-HQ-AM-46 Chief, Human Resources Division P-5 26/9/2016 Filled
16-HQ-JR-45 External Relations and Projects Officer P-3 25/9/2016  Under Review
Donor Reporting Officer P-2 25/9/2016 Under Review
16-HQ-JR-43 Senior Legal Officer (General Law) P-4 12/9/2016 Filled
16-HQ-JR-42 Legal Officer (Neutrality) P-3 12/9/2016 Under Review
16-HQ-JR-41 Legal Officer P-3 29/8/2016 Filled
16-HQ-AM-40 Legal Officer (UNRWA Dispute Tribunal) P-3 11/9/2016 Filled
16-FO-SA-39 Head, Field Procurement and Logistics Office P-4 4/9/2016 Filled
Associate Donor Relations and Project Support Officer P-2 27/8/2016 Filled
Head, Service Delivery Section P-4 11/8/2016 Under Review
16-FO-LB-36 Protection Officer  P-3 12/8/2016 Filled
16-FO-SA-35 Deputy Director of UNRWA Operations (Programmes) P-5 8/8/2016 Filled
16-HQ-AM-34 Head, Programme and Projects Section P-4 23/7/2016 Re-Advertised
16-FO-VS-33 Operations Support Officer (Roster) P-2/P-3 21/7/2016 Filled
16-LO-NY-32 Director, UNRWA Representative Office D-1 6/7/2016 Filled
16-LO-NY-31 Senior Liaison Officer P-4 8/8/2016 Filled
16-HQ-AM-30 Director, Internal Oversight D-2 28/6/2016 Filled
16-HQ-AM-29 Director of Relief and Social Services D-1 11/7/2016 Filled
16-FO-WB-28 Field Programme Support Officer P-4 10/7/2016 Filled
16-HQ-AM-27 Social Development Specialist P-3 6/7/2016 Filled
16-HQ-AM-26 Neutrality Coordinator P-4 28/6/2016 Filled
Director, Information Management Division P-4 21/6/2016 Filled
Head, Field Human Resources Officer  P-4 7/6/2016 Filled
16-FO-LB-23 Project Manager – NBC Reconstruction Unit P-4 4/6/2016 Filled
(Internally only)
Senior Area Support Officer P-4 28/5/2016 Filled
16-FO-GA-21 Head of Planning, Projects, Partnership and Advocacy Office P-4  2/6/2016 Filled
16-HQ-AM-20 Human Resources Policy and Legal Officer P-3 3/6/2016 Filled
16-FO-SA-19 Recruitment Specialist P-3  14/5/2016 Filled
16-FO-GA-18  Senior Field Security Officer P-4 8/5/2016 Filled
16-FO-SA-17 Head, Field Human Resources Office P-4 7/5/2016 Re-advertised
16-HQ-AM-16 Senior Protection Officer (International Protection) P-4 11/4/2016 Filled
16-HQ-JR-15 Senior External Relations and Projects Officer P-4 2/4/2016 Filled
16-HQ-AM-14 Senior Child Protection Officer P-4 25/3/2015 Filled
16-FO-SA-13 Donor Reporting Officer P-2 31/3/2016 Re-advertised
16-HQ-AM-12 Senior Investigator P-4 11/3/2016 Filled
16-HQ-AM-11 Director, Information Management Department D-1 02/03/2016 Re-advertised
16-HQ-AM-10 Senior Protection Officer (International protection) P-4 07/03/2016 Re-advertised
16-HQ-AM-09 Projects and Resources Manager (Re-advertised) P-4 18/02/2016 Filled
16-HQ-JR-08 Chief, Donor Relations Division P-5 25/2/2016 Filled
(2 posts)
Associate Donor Relations and Project Support Officer P-2 24/2/2016 Re-advertised
16-HQ-AM-06 SAP Applications Coordinator (Supply Chain Management) P-4 24/2/2016 Filled
SAP Applications Coordinator (Human Resources Management) P-4 18/2/2016 Filled
16-FO-JO-04 Team Leader Operations Support Officer and Field Protection Coordinator P-4 11/2/2016 Filled
16-FO-LB-03 Associate Donor Relations and Projects Support Officer  P-2 10/2/2016 Filled
16-HQ-JR-02 Director of External Relations and Communications D-2 7/2/2016 Filled
16-FO-SA-01 Senior Humanitarian Response Officer P-4 14/2/2016 Filled

Special Assistant to the Director of UNRWA Affairs



Under Review