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18 August 2009
On 9 August 2009, forty-two Palestinian trainees of a pilot course in Homs received their certificates in arc welding, equipping them with the skills to enter the workforce in a specialised trade.
15 July 2009
Ahlaam is a Palestine refugee from Gaza living in Jerash Camp, Jordan. She lost her husband at a young age; having left school early, she held no qualifications, experience or employment skills. With no-one to care for her, Ahlaam wanted to lead an independent life.
09 July 2009
The European Commission and UNRWA has announced that the EC would donate €5 million to UNRWA’s Social Safety Net Programme (SSNP) to provide critical food assistance to Palestine refugees in camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.
10 June 2009
Ahmad Jamal Al-Saleh is a ten-year old student at Sarafand lower elementary school in Tyre, Lebanon. Four months ago he was unable to recognize the alphabet, or do basic mathematical operations.
26 May 2009
Today, at a ceremony at UNRWA’s food distribution centre in Jabalia Camp, Gaza, the EU announced that it will be making a contribution of €39.7 million to help guarantee UNRWA’s Social Safety Net (SSN) programme in the occupied Palestinian territory.
21 May 2009
The Damascus Training Centre (DTC) is an example of how the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and its donors succeed in providing valuable skills and opportunities for young Palestine refugees in Syria.
07 May 2009
Thousands of Palestine refugee football fans gathered across the region last night to witness a moment of historic proportions as the Palestine National Team competed valiantly against Belgium team FC Molenbeek Brussels in a friendly match dubbed "Goal for Peace."
07 May 2009
The Palestinian national football team played its first European match yesterday, in a match that was watched avidly by Palestinians and football fans across the Middle East.
01 May 2009
As the saying goes, ‘give a man a fish and he will feed himself for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime’. Yet, in Gaza, even those who know how to fish have been driven to unemployment by the blockade.
28 April 2009
Ambassador Vassilis Bontosoglou, Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Syria and UNRWA Commissioner- General Karen Koning AbuZayd inaugurated the completion of Khan Dunoun Camp’s Water Supply and Sanitation Project.